Durabase, the cost effective, energy efficient base for your conservatory. No hassle, quick fitting, impressive results from Accolade, Dorset & Hampshire.

Accolade Home Improvements use Durabase to ensure a quality foundation for your conservatory or garden room. 

The Durabase System is a proven solution for building bases and walls – no mess, no hassle and only taking a fraction of the time to install – are just a few of its benefits. The Durabase System comprises of a bespoke steel base and wall, made to your exact specification, thus ensuring it is a perfect fit for your building every time!

Durabase cuts out the need for digging out foundations which can be a lengthy, time consuming and therefore costly exercise! There is far less excavation work and waste material to dispose of compared to other methods of base construction. Which means your conservatory can be constructed in much less time.

With a 25 year manufacturer guarantee, Durabase will provide a solid, energy efficient base for your extension with less mess, time and hassle! Supplied and fitted by Accolade Home Improvements at low prices!

Why Durabase?

  • It’s quicker! The average base can be installed in 1-2 days!

  • More versatile! Sites with difficult site access can be easily overcome.

  • Cleaner! No need for large scale excavations minimising the disruption caused to the site.

  • Cost effective! There’s no need for expensive relocating  of manholes or drains.

  • Energy efficient! The Durabase system provides an energy efficient base for your garden room, conservatory or extention.

Accolade use Durabase to ensure a time efficient build which delivers solid results. Minimising disruption to our clients is paramount along with providing a cost effective price. By using Durabase, Accolade ensures a building project with as little disruption as possible and excellent results.

Durabase, ideal for conservatories, garden rooms and extensions.

Durabase Construction

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